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Support – Supporting Disabilities and Well-being

Supporting Disabilities and Well-being

The College welcomes applications from all students for whom it is possible to offer a suitable course of academic study, recognising the potential of students who have already overcome the challenge of coping with an impairment or disability. We are committed to ensuring that students with disabilities and those with a learning difference are treated fairly, and all reasonable adjustments will be made to ensure that they are not disadvantaged.

The Academic Support team provides comprehensive support for students with additional needs who may have a physical disability, a specific learning difference such as dyslexia, a long term medical condition or mental health need. Specialist additional help can also be accessed according to individual requirements.

It is our aim to provide individual and holistic support for all our students to enable successful outcomes.

Any student at the college, with or without an identified need, can access support for generic study skills, such as organization, exam and revision techniques. Our Academic Coaches can also support students with literacy and numeracy to help improve the standard of work across all subject areas

Welfare support and guidance is available to any student studying at the college. Our Student Welfare Officer works closely with students, parents/carers and external agencies, according to individual need and circumstances.

We can also provide short term, confidential counselling is available to students who may benefit from this type of support. Weekly one to one sessions will be arranged with one of our qualified counsellors. If long term counselling is required, our Student Welfare Officer will help to refer to the appropriate external providers.

If you do have any disability or learning difference requirements, please do let the college know before making a formal application, so that possible support can be discussed with you.

If you have a specific disability, our Academic Support team will work closely with you, your parents/carers and current school from the time you first express an interest in joining the College. We will assess your needs and discuss how they can be met through day-to-day support.

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