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Parents / Carers – Parents / Carers Charter

The College is committed to the equality of opportunity and to a proactive approach to equality, which supports and encourages under-represented groups, promotes inclusivity and values diversity.

The College welcomes the involvement of all parents1 and we hope that we will have a successful partnership with you, working together in encouraging your daughter or son to achieve their potential.

We ask that you read the Student Charter so that you know what students can expect from the College, as well as knowing and understanding what we expect of students in terms of behaviour and approach to work. The College prospectus provides much useful information of a general nature.

The College expects that students will accept responsibility for their own learning and academic progress. Nevertheless, there is a continuing role for parents to play in that process and the College will liaise with parents accordingly, taking into account the needs and wishes of individual students.

The College’s provision

You can expect the College to provide:

  • A Parents’ Handbook explaining how the College functions
  • A personal link with the College via your daughter’s or son’s personal tutor
  • An opportunity to meet the personal tutor at a Welcome Evening early in the autumn term
  • Subject consultation evenings with the opportunity to discuss your daughter’s or son’s progress with subject staff
  • A prompt response to any query or concern
  • Contact from the personal tutor should the College become concerned about your daughter’s or son’s attendance or progress
  • An appointment with the personal tutor if either you or we need to discuss an aspect of your daughter’s or son’s progress
  • Representation on the Corporation (the College’s Governing Body) through the Parent Governors
  • Copies of the College’s complaints procedure, on request

Your contribution

  • To be aware of the contents of the Parents’ Handbook and other College documents
  • To encourage your daughter or son to understand and meet the obligations outlined in the Parents’ Handbook
  • To inform us if you become concerned about any aspect of your daughter’s or son’s progress
  • To discuss Minimum Expected Grade Reviews and reference reports with your daughter or son
  • To inform us of any changes in personal circumstances, for example change of address, telephone number or domestic situation
  • To contact us concerning absences of your daughter or son from College
  • To avoid taking holidays in term-time, or to request leave of absence in writing to the Principal as far in advance as possible if such arrangements are unavoidable

Parent Voice

It is important that you have the opportunity to give us your views on all aspects of College life and that those views should have an appropriate response. There are several ways in which your views can be heard:

  • Through the Parent Governors
  • Directly to appropriate staff, including the Vice Principal (Support and Guidance)
  • By responding to any questionnaire which may be sent to you or which you may be asked to complete

Surveys are sent to samples of parents from time to time. The findings of such surveys will be made available to you, on request.
We hope that your daughter or son will be happy and successful at College and that you will also be satisfied with dealings that we have with you. Nevertheless we wish to listen carefully to any comments about the College and suggestions relating to the commitments we make in this Charter.

If you should be dissatisfied, an informal approach to the personal tutor or to the Vice Principal (Support and Guidance) may be sufficient to settle the matter. You may also write directly to the Principal.

If the matter is not settled by such an informal approach, you may wish to pursue it through the formal complaints procedure. A copy of this can be obtained by contacting the Clerk to the Corporation, in writing or by telephone.

1 Throughout this document “parents” should be taken to mean “parents and/or carers”.

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