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Parent Portal

Parent Portal

The College Parent Portal provides parents and carers of College students with information on academic progress and attendance. Access the Parent Portal via the Portal Logon link at the top of this page.

Instructions For Parents

Parents will need to register with the site – please click ‘Register’ and complete the ‘create new account’ form. Once an account has been successfully created, click ‘Login’ and follow the instructions below:

  • You should have a Key Code (AKA ‘Match Code’) for your student. This code is available to students in the College ‘Sentinel’ system. Enter this in the Enter Key Code box, along with the day and month of their birth.
  • Tick Agree Terms
  • Click Add Match. The relevant student should appear under Current Matched Students.

Instructions For Students

  • Find your Key Code (AKA ‘Match Code’) on the College Sentinel system.
  • Give this code to your parent / carer. They will not be able to access your information on the Parent Portal without it.

IMPORTANTThe College does NOT give out Key Codes to parents / carers. Please do not telephone or email asking to be given a Key Code.

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